Automation credit control

New feature: Monitor credit limits

Introducing Credit Limit—now, ezyCollect displays each customer’s credit limit, allowing you to quickly eyeball credit usage before issuing new orders. It's a simple indicator of debtor payment behaviour and provides your business with valuable information to guide ongoing sales activities with ...

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customer communications invoicing new features

New feature: Automatically issue a new invoice

Read any rule book for the invoice-to-cash process and you’ll learn that billing fast should be a top priority. Still, too many businesses delay pressing send on the invoice...and it’s a costly mistake. Manually sending invoices becomes another tedious task in accounts receivable management and ...

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customer communications invoice reminders new features

New feature: Pre-reminders

Proactively chasing payment is key to getting paid on time. ezyCollect's pre-reminders make it easy for you to remind customers that payment will be due soon, giving them a friendly prompt to pay on time...or earlier!

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new features online payments

New feature: Simplypaid online payments hub by ezyCollect

ezyCollect is all about the magic of collecting money faster and easier. Now, we've cast our wand over our online payments solution. Introducing Simplypaid—a unique one-stop shop for debtors to view  ALL their invoices and PAY INSTANTLY in ONE transaction.

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cash flow Christmas debt collections

8 ways to bypass the cash flow slump after Christmas

While the registers are ringing this November and December, come January, your customers will flick the ‘Gone Fishing’ sign on the front door, leaving their office chairs spinning as they head to the beach. Despite your upsurge in sales in the months leading up to Christmas, cash flow will ...

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