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New feature: Pre-reminders

By mihiri Nov 27, 2017 Comments

Proactively chasing payment is key to getting paid on time. ezyCollect's pre-reminders make it easy for you to remind customers that payment will be due soon, giving them a friendly prompt to pay on time...or earlier!

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The pre-reminder email becomes the first reminder in the communication workflow to debtors. Now your automated workflow to debtors can  look like this:


Start communicating early to invite prompt payment

 Pre-reminder emails have all the highly customisable features of our other invoice reminders:

  • Personalise the email template provided to suit the tone and language of your business
  • Add a Pay Now button leading to Simplypaid online payments hub.
  • Auto-attaches copies of the invoice/s.

Protip: Use the pre-reminder as a friendly opportunity to check your customer's satisfaction with your product, service and invoice.

Top five reasons to add pre-reminders to your workflow

  1. Your customer learns that you are serious about being paid on time.
  2. You create the opportunity to resolve any disputes sooner rather than later.
  3. You put the spotlight on your invoice so it stands out from the crowd.
  4. Your pre-reminder can push your invoice into your customer’s earliest payment schedule.
  5. Your customer can reply with their payment intentions so you know when to expect the cash.

Adding pre-reminders to your communications workflow is simple. Simply edit the template we provide, schedule the communication by inputting the number of days before the invoice due date, then click to enable.

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customer communications invoice reminders new features

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