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New feature: Simplypaid online payments hub by ezyCollect

By mihiri Nov 22, 2017 Comments

ezyCollect is all about the magic of collecting money faster and easier. Now, we've cast our wand over our online payments solution. Introducing Simplypaid—a unique one-stop shop for debtors to view  ALL their invoices and PAY INSTANTLY in ONE transaction.

We've supercharged the 'PAY NOW' button that we can customise for your business. The PAY NOW button on your invoices and email reminders lets debtors single click to enter a payments portal housing all of their open invoices with your business. Your invoices have never had such high visibility. Your debtors have never had such a quick and easy experience when paying their bills online.

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ezyCollect research found that a clickable PAY NOW button leading to an online collections portal increases cash flow by a further 22 percent.

Once a debtor clicks the PAY NOW link on your invoices and email reminders, they see this:

1. Your company branding on a secure hosted payments page.

2. The total outstanding balance on their account.

3 and 4. The option to 'Pay Invoices" as shown below or make a 'One-off Payment'. Only businesses that use ezyCollect for invoice reminders will be able to offer 'Pay Invoices'  as Simplypaid draws invoice information from ezyCollect. 

Simplypaid gives invoices high visibility and makes it easy for debtors to pay

5. A chat button to ask a question about their invoices. All Simplypaid users in your business will receive an email from your customer.

6. A search field to easily find specific invoices by number, date, etc.

7. A list of all their open invoices with your business.

8. Alert signs next to overdue invoices. Red alert invoices are extremely overdue.

9. A slide button to select to pay  one or more invoices in a single transaction.

10. Payment amount pre-populated when an invoice is selected for payment. Debtors can clear this field to pay partial amounts on an invoice.

11. A Pay Now button to take them to the next screen to input credit card details.

12. A drop down box to display their complete transaction history: a list of all previously paid invoices.


Debtors can see their previous transaction history with your business


Debtors can pay by credit card. Simplypaid makes it easy for businesses to choose their preferred merchant services provider to process credit card transactions. (You can even switch merchant services providers at any time as Simplypaid can integrate with multiple providers.) With Simplypaid, you can automatically surcharge credit fees as agreed with your merchant services provider:


Automatically surcharge credit card fees if you choose


Debtors will receive a payment receipt to their nominated email address:


Simplypaid automatically generates a receipt for payment


Simplypaid as a standalone service (without ezyCollect's invoice reminders)

For Simplypaid users not subscribed to ezyCollect's automated accounts receivable software, Simplypaid can be added as a standalone service to easily accept online payments. We'll customise a PAY NOW button for you to add to your invoices and email reminders so your debtors can click to pay 24/7.  We'll integrate Simplypaid with your preferred merchant services provider and your customers get the convenience of paying their bills online at any time of day or night.


Simplypaid One-off Payment page

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new features online payments

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