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Using MYOB Exo Add-ons to streamline operations (and 3 apps we use in our own business)

KMJ-Primary-Logo-Normal Kilimanjaro Consulting is MYOB Partner of the Year 2018 and has more than 12 years’ experience in the ERP sector, specialising in MYOB Exo and MYOB Advanced implementation.

The rise in technological innovation has seen a proliferation of third-party add-on or companion products for the MYOB Exo suite of products. Software has followed the same evolution as hardware—just as iPhones, iPads and Android devices enhance how we do business every day, smaller software, apps and modules are now everyday tools that we can use to extend the core ERP solutions within our businesses. Because they are easy to install, add-ons offer an accessible way to streamline processes so businesses run more efficiently.

Why mid-sized businesses use add-ons

 Commonly, business operators seek improvements in profitability and cash flow and this is where MYOB add-ons shine. Every industry has its own standards and every business its unique needs. If you are working with an ERP system, you can customise your ERP product with specialist and industry-specific software that provides the extra functionality your business requires.

 You can build your software stack as pain points arise. Common challenges as businesses grow include:

  • Claiming company expenses
  • Chasing debtors for overdue invoices
  • Managing stock-outs
  • Warehouse management

 At Kilimanjaro, we hear time and again that mid-sized businesses are looking to achieve the following:

  • Simplify processes
  • Automate processes
  • Improve productivity
  • Alleviate manual labour from time consuming tasks
  • Get better reports and insights
  • Get ahead of competitors

What we look for in add-ons we recommend to clients

Before we’ll recommend a third-party MYOB add-on to our clients, we need to trust the software: trust that it works, trust the integrity of the provider, and trust that there will be a return on investment for our clients. That’s why we first test the software in our business, specifically looking for:

  • A seamless and effortless integration with the MYOB product
  • Customer support from the service provider
  • Ease of use

Three tools we use and recommend

There is a vast array of MYOB add-on products that we recommend to our clients.  You can find a complete list here on our website. We have highlighted three products that we not only recommend but have deployed internally at Kilimanjaro, thereby improving our own efficiency.

Managing business expenses manually has to be one of the most inefficient, costly and let’s face it, dreary administrative tasks that your staff have to undertake. Expensemanager is a tool to help your employees claim their expenses in a fast and easy way.

 After a quick implementation, this accounts payable process can be automated, saving you valuable time and money. Credit cards, cash claims and receipts can be easily uploaded by staff then authorised by accounts staff via a configurable approval workflow. Paperwork is reduced as you eliminate claim forms and your accounts staff have less data entry, too.

 We can honestly say that our team is happier since using Expensemanager as their claims are paid on time.


 ezyCollect is a tool that improves cash flow in your business by automating the chasing of late payments, freeing you up to get on with running your business.

 ezyCollect integrates seamlessly with your MYOB accounting software to instantly deliver a snapshot of your accounts receivable in real time. This add-on product allows you to automate your entire debt collection process with a programmed series of emails, letters, prompted phone calls, all the way to a solicitor’s letter. Not only does this product have a 5- star rating from MYOB users, but you can connect your system simply, and be ready to collect within days.

 Since implementing ezyCollect at Kilimanjaro, our accounts receivables have improved significantly. Chasing debtors is a recurring issue in many businesses but the process is now painless and handled by ezyCollect. You can be sure that with ezyCollect you have a simple bullet-proof debtor management process.
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Phocas is business intelligence software that lives by its ‘get results’ mantra.

 Phocas provides a web-based solution allowing users access to critical data on any internet enabled device, anytime. Whether you are using MYOB Exo or MYOB Advanced, Phocas seamlessly integrates to your ERP system to unleash your data’s full potential.

From easy-to-use dashboards to the renowned lightning fast analysis of your ERP data, everything is designed for nontechnical people. It means even the most detailed data queries can be completed in a few simple clicks.

 At Kilimanjaro we have provided all our team leaders with access to Phocas. This way they have visibility across their teams to monitor whether Key Performance Indicators are being met. The graphic dashboard is easy to interpret and allows you to drill into underlying data that you can then base strategic decisions on.  We truly recommend this easy-to-use, accessible from anywhere add-on that can be configured to your individual requirements.

Taking the next step

 Talk to an ERP implementation provider to help you prioritise your specific business requirements. Ask your consultant to shortlist some add-ons and review their benefits and pitfalls as they apply to your unique business needs. We’re confident that the right MYOB add-ons in your business can create the efficiency gains you’re looking for.

 ezyCollect is a certified MYOB-add for accounts receivable automation and MYOB's Fastest Growing Add-on 2017. 
To see how ezyCollect can help you get paid faster, request a demo today.
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myob exo ERP add-ons

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