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MYOB Exo OnTheGo and MYOB Job Costing Module for productivity wins

By AlphaBiz Solutions Sep 06, 2018 Comment

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Businesses in growth mode are often concerned with operational efficiency and operational costs. How do we provide goods and services to customers in a timely and cost effective way? How do we generate more quality output while making it cheaper and easier to do business? Add to that the competition posed by larger companies that have economies of scale working in their favour. How does a growing business carve out their market share, then build on it?

Productivity wins are the goals here.  The old mantra of 'work harder' no longer applies. In the age of technology, work smarter is the way ahead.  And technology tools are one key aid to levelling the playing field with the big end of town, whose custom-made technology solutions are driving their productivity wins.

MYOB Exo offers two apps specifically designed for midmarket businesses looking to make it easier to do business. In this post, we look at MYOB Exo OnTheGo and MYOB Job Costing Module.

MYOB Exo OnTheGo

MYOB Exo OnTheGo is a MYOB  application specifically designed for sales teams on the road, allowing them to connect securely to on-premise information so that they can better manage the entire quote and order process from wherever they may be. It's designed to give employees 'anytime, anywhere' access to key business information so they can move through the sales cycle with confidence.exo on the go

Businesses using an on-premise ERP system are often faced with the challenge of limited accessibility for their teams on the road. To allow remote access for sales teams and account managers, MYOB Exo OnTheGo uses Exo LiveRelay, a cloud data service that can interact with Exo Business via the Exo API. From their client's premises, sales staff can create customer contact details, new orders, advise on stock availability and delivery times, and review outstanding invoices. The quote, order and account management process no longer depends on sales staff finding desk time at the end of the day - everything can be accessed from an iPad. And for the end customer, the order time is condensed too, with faster approvals and delivery confirmations.

How MYOB Exo OnTheGo  shortens the sales cycle

With real-time visibility of customers' accounts, contacts, inventory levels, pricing and more, Exo OnTheGo enables your sales team to take decisive action quickly, enabling them to:

  1. Improve client interaction by securely accessing all relevant information on the go
  2. Create customers and contacts and enter or amend their orders on the spot
  3. View item details and real stock levels to generate sales orders and advise delivery times
  4. Use accurate pricing including discounts and offers
  5. Create new quotes on the spot, increasing order processing efficiency and reducing office administration 
  6. Use the map integration to plan sales by area. View the prospects and customers nearby and prioritise opportunities based on your specific criteria including ‘money owed’ or ‘open sales orders’.
  7. Manage accounts pro-actively by viewing all outstanding customer invoices.

Job costing for cost control and analysis

A MYOB Exo tool designed to give businesses greater visibility of operational costs is The Job Costing module.  Project managers can allocate real time inputs and time costs for greater visibility and control across the whole life cycle of a job, eliminating unallocated expenses and double entries. The Job Costing module is an additional function set that can be purchased and fully integrated to MYOB Exo Finance.

Job Costing provides a fully integrated solution for businesses using time costing and billing, businesses that have a high proportion of direct purchases relating to a specific client's project, and any other business that accumulates charges over a period of time.

When it comes time to invoice, true costs are on hand because activities associated with each job are recorded: 

  • Consulting hours
  • Equipment hours
  • Inventory
  • Labour hours
  • Materials
  • Subcontractors

 These accumulated transactions can be manipulated and formatted to a high degree in order to present an invoice in a view suitable for the customer, while retaining a true picture of cost and profitability at a detailed level.

Standard job information options (such as categories) are set up initially and can then be selected to apply to each job.

 Job Costing features

  • Time can be charged out and accounted for on an employee or resource basis for jobs taking place over a period of time
  • Purchases can be made and applied directly to a job
  • Work in progress may be a significant proportion of the businesses financial position at any time
  • The costs of this work can be included in financial reports covering the period they are incurred
  • Different staff from different departments may be involved in a job and all costs can be collated
  • Costs incurred on a job or the description of a job can be amended prior to job being finalised and invoiced
  • Comprehensive reports can be created to monitor jobs in progress or analyse completed jobs
  • Generation of necessary formal documentation such as invoices and quotes as well as user defined documents
  • Serial numbers of stock items can be tracked from Purchasing through Work In Progress and onto Invoicing

The promise of productivity tools is that you can do more, in less time, with less effort. What areas of your business could use a productivity boost?

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myob exo ERP

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